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Let's all Make Something that Means Something.

I like to do it by writing and drawing what I notice.

Both of those could be called scribbling.

My experience of life is so much better when I pay closer attention to the world around me.  Give it a try!

I don't mean the news.  Don't watch the news.  Watch the trees instead.  Or the people around you.  Or the way light plays off your reusable water bottle.  Or the shape of your cat's back leg.

Allow yourself to be captivated.

Scribble something—words or images or both—that captures what you’ve noticed.

No artistic abilities needed.  Just a pen and paper and a willingness to make a bit of a mess as you discover more of what life holds for you.

As a creative writing professor and business consultant for more than thirty years, I've taught thousands of people fiction, comics, memoir, art journaling and sketchnoting.  Helping people see how the combination of words and images changes our thinking is the most exciting thing I can do!

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