Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Start Sketching Now

Keeping a sketchbook journal has opened the world to me in so many new ways.  I see things so very differently than before I started to sketch.  I encourage everyone to give sketchbook journaling a try!

Today I started my next online sketching course, Sketching Now Foundations, with Liz Steel.  After three semesters of Sketchbook Skool and a few online courses from Carla Sondheim, I look forward to digging in to some more nuts and bolts of sketching.  

First up, draw our "kits."  This is all part of getting to know your tools.

I've seen lots of sketchers sketch their art supplies before, but it never really appealed to me.  However when I take a class, I do all of the assignments, because, hey, it's what I'm paying for, right?  To get myself stretched into doing things that I wouldn't normally do.

I admit, this was a lot of fun.  I particularly appreciated the assignment to give ourselves a paint guide, not just with swatches, but by drawing our paint boxes as they are set up, with dense and thin versions of each paint.   I carry two boxes, one of watercolor and one of gouache.

The codes you see in each box remind me what the color is.  And painting over them reveals the opacity of the paint.

I have more to draw still.  I carry a lot of stuff with me!

Art supplies for sketching bring me lots of joy.  And they are less caloric than chocolate!

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