Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sharing My Favorite Tutorials for Painting Figures

Today I thought I'd share two of the best online videos I've found to help me paint figures into my journal and sketchbook work.  Both of these emphasize suggesting figures and not getting too anxious about faces and other details.

First, is an episode of Drawing with Robert Burridge--How to Draw Figures in Landscape.  Carrots!  Who'd a thunk it?  This is one of the many art tutorials available on Cheap Joe's Artists Instructional Videos.

The second one I have found helpful is How to Paint People Using Watercolors featuring artist Chuck McLachlan.  This one makes me laugh out loud as the artist gives each figure a name and a bit of backstory (including bad breath or a bag purchased on sale).  I also appreciate the emphasis on practice in this video--no worries about being perfect the first or even hundredth time.  "As long as you practice... they only take you a few minutes...and you'll get to where you're pretty good at it!"  I appreciate that sort of encouragement. This is one of the many tutorials from Jerry's Artarama.

Hope you find these as delightful and inspiring as I have.

Bonus Writing Prompt
Sketch some blob people with no expectations--just let the figures emerge.  Then, using the picture as the prompt, write a bit about who they are, their strengths and flaws, their relationships and triumphs, their fears (listen to Chuck McLachlan do it as he draws).  Can you develop characters for a piece of fiction this way?

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