Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Scribbling Images: Lynda Barry and Accessing the Imaginary

Scribbling with spirit only happens because of images.  Drawn.  Spelled out in letters and words.  Conveyed with words and pictures working together.  Scribbling is image-making.  And image sharing.

One of my great heroes in the world of scribbling is cartoonist Lynda Barry.  In addition to collections of her comics and to novels she has several truly excellent books out about images, art, drawing, life...  I recommend them all.

Recently I watched a video of Barry giving a guest talk at The Stamps School of Design at the University of Michigan (2013).  In this video, just under an hour long, she talks about Accessing the Imaginary.  This includes some fascinating information on what neuroscience has revealed about knowledge, memory, and imagining.  She tells some hilarious--and compelling--stories about small children and transitional objects and how that spirit of devotion to something "unreal" continues alive within all of us today.

Find yourself an hour and treat yourself to this wonderful, laughter-filled talk about what lies at the center of our hearts, our minds, our imaginations, and our scribblings.


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