Thursday, June 11, 2015

Still Practicing Portraits in Black and White

I'm still practicing portraits in black and white.  I've talked about doing this with vintage photos which are in black and white, because those photographers knew what they were doing without color.  It has helped me learn a lot.

But the other night, while watching one television, my spouse had to run to grab the phone.  I stopped the playback of the show and when the screen froze on a close-up of one of my favorite actors, I jumped up, grabbed my sketchbook and brush pen, and did this quick portrait.

Here is Funkhauser from the show Battle Creek.

This character is played by an actor named Grapevine (honest, you can Google it).

This portrait took me fewer than five minutes, and it actually looks like the actor!!  I know I could not have drawn it even a few weeks ago, if I hadn't been practicing with so many black and white portraits.

What a delight to capture this quick portrait.  It made me feel terrific about the improvement of my skills.  It reminded me that I can draw even in the tiny chunks of time between life's events.  And it will remind me in the future of this terrific little show which I really enjoyed... and which, sadly, has been cancelled.

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