Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Scribbling the People In Your Neighborhood

For a few weeks this summer I took my drawing stuff to the local farmers market and made some scribbles of the people I observed there.

It felt a little daring to stand around in a crowded place a draw people.  But it was great fun!

My area has a reputation for being conservative and not very diverse.  But going to the farmer's market and really seeing the people there (instead of just focusing on the vegetables!) helped me realize it is a lot more diverse than many people think.

What new things can we discover by drawing people in a familiar setting?

In the spirit of the farmer's market, here is a link to the wonderful song "People in Your Neighborhood" from Sesame Street (1971), featuring the grocer and the doctor.

Lots of other versions of this exist (they filmed it with different neighbors over the years) but I love this one as it involves a grocer having a "kale sale."  Not sure why that cracked me up as a kid, but it still does.

Here's hoping you have some fun and discovery scribbling "the people that you meet when you're walking down the street!"

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