Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sketches of the Spring Kitties

As soon as the weather gets warm enough (usually mid-April here in Michigan) my cats, Hattie and Tim, start clamoring to get outside.

They are indoor kitties through and through, mind you, but, like most kitties, they have a pretty active fantasy life.  So I let them out and sit and watch them.  This year, I took a fine liner and a brush pen with me.

I sketched quickly, blind one-liners, quick gestures, just capturing shape and fluidity and a little bit of light on Hattie's all-black coat.  It's a constant challenge to me, scribbling images of an all-black cat, so when I could, I tried to catch the sheen of April sunlight on her coat.  I feel like I am learning to see that a lot more clearly.

What do you see new today that you've seen, but not noticed, many times before?

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