Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Watercolor Sketch of a Barred Owl

Did this quick scribble of a barred owl from a taxidermy specimen at Call of the Wild in Gaylord, Michigan.

You can see that I started with quick contour explorations with a pen, mostly to place the eyes and beak.  Then I went back in and filled out the sketch with watercolor.

I completed this in less than five minutes while standing in a mostly dark corridor.

I enjoyed letting my eyes and the brush follow the patterns of colors in the feathers.  I am a fan of this owl in particular because I have them in the woods surrounding my home and I hear them most evenings when I walk my dogs.  I rarely see them, but I know they are there.  So somehow, this felt a bit like getting to know my neighbors better.

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Jandyersn said...

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