Thursday, October 20, 2016

Watercolor Scribble of the Rose Window, Dimnent Chapel, Hope College

At Hope College in Holland, Michigan, there stands a chapel with a lovely rose window.

I attended Hope in the 1980s and had the wonderful experience of singing in the Chapel Choir for several years.

In those days, we rehearsed in the Chapel, standing on the stage at the front.  And for hours every week, for months and years, I sang to that rose window.

So recently, just messing around with watercolors, I did a little scribble to capture part of it.

No pre-drawing here, no real attempt at angles or accuracy or anything.   Didn't even pause to let the paint dry in between colors.

Just quick, energetic capturing.

It brought up a lot of memories, which was fun.

And it has me inspired to maybe try a more considered work with this subject in the future.

What images from your past might inspire new artwork for you?

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