Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Jubilant Forest

 I haven't done a "find the picture in the blob" scribble in a long time.

I had some leftover watercolor on my palette and I wanted to clean the palette.  But I just can't bear to throw watercolors away, no matter how little.  So I randomly slapped some on a page, blew it around with a straw, let the colors mix and mingle to see what sort of range would appear.

Then I looked at the dried blob and entered with an ink pen, trying to see what shapes presented themselves.

I found a lovely entrance to a jubilant forest.

Perhaps the most fun thing about this, to me, is that I only used three colors of paint.  Yet they mixed and mingled to form many shades of purple and green and orange.

Also, I can tell that my work earlier in the summer with the dirt roads in the forests of northern Michigan influenced what I found in this blob.

If you are interested in blob art--finding scenes and creatures and other fun stuff in blob, sidewalk cracks, and the like--there is no one better that Carla Sonheim at showing you how to do it.  I encourage you to check out her website, books, and fun online courses!

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