Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Watercolors of the Skeleton

I have the great good fortune to work with a skeleton in my drawing studio.

These two cropped portraits were done with attention to composition.  I used ink and two colors of watercolor (or maybe three in the second one, as I think I see two blues there).  Both are 18 x 24 on Strathmore 400 drawing paper.

You can see the paper buckled.  To be fair, it isn't intended for watercolor.  But I liked trying it anyhow.

I think you can probably tell that the skeleton had been posed in a nice office chair when we drew it.

Working on these pieces made me think a lot about myself as a professional and the many many many hours of my life I spend in an office chair.

Thoughts about mortality and the passage of time and the need to make money and the need to make art (which never really makes money) whirled around me as I worked.

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