Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Travel Sketching: The Vermont Institute of the Natural Sciences

During my trip to New Hampshire and Vermont last fall, I visited the Vermont Institute for Natural Sciences.  I found myself with only an hour to spend there, as I was on my way to an appointment somewhere else.  But I love sketching raptors, so even though I knew I would be rushed, I went ahead.

Then, I had a decision to make:  I had about forty-five minutes left after I paid my fee and got oriented.  So, should I pick one bird and spend the time with just that animal, scribbling and sketching and getting to know it?  This is what I often do when I go to the nature centers near my home.

Or should I adopt a different approach and zip through the place, doing quick scribbly sketches of every bird there (or at least as many as I could) capturing gestures and shapes, and only playing with pen?

I decided on the second option, mostly because it was something I hadn't done before.

You can see from the time stamps on these pictures that I moved pretty rapidly.

This "game" of scribbling yielded interesting results because I got to snag my first impressions of each bird,  and to become really aware of the most basic differences in the shapes of each bird.  I took very quick notes about what caught my attention in the few minutes I spent with each animal.

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