Thursday, April 6, 2017

New Sketchbook at Call of the Wild

I recently got a new Stillman and Birn gamma softcovered sketchbook and I've been dying to try it out.  So I started so new pages on a recent trip to Call of the Wild in Gaylord, Michigan.

I also have new stamps I'm trying out.

And of course, I'm still practicing bears.

And eyes.  I keep reading that the key to good animals is to get the eyes.  So I'm working on those a bit more.

So much to learn!  That's the big fun for me about all of this scribbling:  every time I change something, it seems that everything changes!  I loved this paper because nothing bled through (though you can see a bit of translucence in the image above, where the stamped word "bear" is visible.  That is more visible in the scan than on the page).

I loved using my ink pen on this paper too.

My initial impression is that the watercolor soaked in too quickly for me to do much with it other than spot color.  I was hoping it would work a bit more like watercolor paper, but it didn't.

More to come in this journal!

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