Thursday, September 5, 2019

Capturing Color Palettes with Adobe Capture

Today, I thought I’d share a fun tool I use on my iphone and iPad to capture color palettes and put them into Procreate. It is the free app called Adobe Capture. It does a lot of different things (including turning images into vectors!), but I use it mostly to play with palettes.
From the app you just point the camera at something and it picks five prominent colors from the scene. You can adjust them, change one or all, and just mess around. It’s fun!
Through the app this gets saved in an Adobe Creative Cloud library, which is available then across your Adobe programs, if you use them.
But if you don't, no worries!  Just take a screenshot of the palette that Capture creates and save in Photos.  Then you have it as a .jpg to use wherever you like.
I import the photo into Procreate and easily use the color picker to nab those colors for a palette.
Yes, one can simply take the picture and pull colors from that. But for me, as I learn about color (because I am not a natural at it), the app helps me because it narrows the many many colors in a scene to just five. Thought I’d share, and heck, it’s free to play with.

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