Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An Object A Day for a Week

Recently, Liz Steel offered this challenge to folks through Sketchbook Skool's free weekly lesson:  draw an object a day for a week to construct the story of your week.

I know that scribbling the regular things in life helps me pay attention, helps me appreciate the world around me.  I hadn't thought much about how scribbling a particular object, chose not for its beauty but for its narrative significance, could bring a different sort of value to my sketchbook.

This was a great exercise.  And it occurred during a week in which something significant happened.

But I'll present a few of the drawings here and let you see for yourself:






This is an exercise I will do again, and plan to give to my students.  Even during a week when no big events happens, this exercise asks you to think for a bit at the end of each day.  What happened to me today that was important or meaningful?  What object represents or captures that?  How can I draw it?  What do I need to write, if anything, to fill in the story?

By the way, boring as it might seem, a phone is a very hard thing to draw... at least for me!

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