Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Inktober 15 Through 18

Continuing along the #Inktober journey...  drawing only with ink.

After doing so many scribbles with only ink, suddenly I got the urge to draw comics again.  I haven't done any comics, not really, in about two years.  Since before I started keeping a sketchbook.  I wondered if I'd be any better at it, having done nearly 1000 scribbles based on observation in the last two years.

This kid  is the first person who came out.  I have no idea who he (or she?) is, or why the call to "wait."  Perhaps this is a character in need of a story?

At about the same time a friend handed me Kate Beaton's latest book, Step Aside, Pops!  (You can see her work online here.)  I love her style, so I decided to copy some of her characters as a sort of mentoring session.   Just to warm my comics muscles back up some.

The next day I spent some more time copying her characters.  I have pages and pages of them, but I'm only going to share one spread here.  What you see below is one page of me copying from Beaton (on the right) and then a page (which I taped in from loose scrap paper) of me drawing some of my own characters based on Beaton's style.

Just like the kid with the pumpkin at the top of this post, I don't know who any of these middle aged gentlemen are.  Characters waiting for a story, maybe?  Maybe one of them is the person the kid is telling to "wait"? I don't know.

But I rather liked the goateed man in the top middle, so my next ink drawing worked more on him.

I don't know what he is attempting to explain.  Or to whom.  But that just showed up as I drew him.  So, fine.

I am a little surprised that the inktober game of doing 31 ink drawing in a month suddenly became a renewal of my interest in drawing comics (instead of sketching from life) but that's okay.  I'm going to keep letting whatever happens happen, and see where I am at the end of the month!

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