Thursday, October 22, 2015

Inktober 19 Through 21

My adventures continue during the #Inktober challenge.

I arrived early for a meeting the other day.  That sort of thing used to annoy me as wasted time.  Or I'd spend it looking at Facebook.  But, since I started sketching in early 2014, I look forward to such moments.  What can I draw, what can I draw?  Only in the last few months have I been able to render a car that looks like a car.  And in just a few minutes too!

I returned to practicing some more comics for #20, though. This poor witch's broom is shaking uncontrollably.  Why?  I have no idea!  Could be she is shaking it.  Perhaps it is shaking her.  Maybe it is afraid of her, or afraid of the tree behind her.  Was the broom made from the wood of the tree?  Is that why the tree seems to be reaching toward it?  Don't know.  One of the fun things about drawing characters from imagination is the stories that you can make up about them later.

Drawing #21 is another comic, of course, but this one is inspired by a person I know and very much admire.  It only sort of looks like her, but I drew it quickly while attending a meeting she was leading.  And no!  I wasn't scribbling comics because I was bored!  This is my way of note-taking, actually (I love Sketchnoting, and if you want to learn more about that you can find it here).

I would love to be able to draw comics versions of people I know.  Maybe that's the next thing for me to play with, during or after Inktober!

It's a fun twist to sketching from life, paying attention, and capturing what's happening in life!

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