Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Sketchbook Fun

I took a little break from practicing life drawing this week in order to scribble some images of snow.

Of course, it isn't snowing here.  It should be (at least in my book), but it's going to be a warm bummer of a winter, they say.  So the best I can do is draw it.

These images aren't showing the crispness of the colors...

In addition to just being fun, these scribbles are also experiments on the Tomoe River paper I used to make my latest daily sketchbook.  You can find it online where find papers for fountain pens are sold.  Also, this is the same paper as is used in the famous Hobonichi Techo Planners (which people just love!!  Google it to see the amazing things people do using these planners as sketchbooks).

People love this paper because evidently almost nothing bleeds through it.  Really.  So, I've been testing it.  The paper is onion-skin thin, and does have some see through (you can see this in the second photo above) but so far I have done amazing things to it and have had no bleed through.

These examples above include the use of acrylic markers, watercolors, fountain pens with permanent ink.  No bleed through.  Amazing!!

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