Thursday, December 10, 2015

Creating Stickers from Old Drawings

I dug out my old (and I think now defunct) Polaroid PoGo printer the other day, to see if it still worked!  It does.  So, of course, the first thing I did was print out tiny sticker prints of some of my own scribbles.

I should probably pause a minute to explain that the PoGo prints tiny 2x3 inch prints on "Zink" paper--which only comes with peel-off sticker backing.  It is super cool stuff.  And even though the PoGo is no longer made,  a new version exists:  the Polaroid Zip.  It uses the same Zink paper.  You can find it on amazon.

Anyhow, I loved how the tiny sticker versions of my sketchbook scribbles looked!  In fact I loved them so much that I stuck them in my new sketchbook and made new scribbles of them.

First, a sticker version of my car.

I think that the printed image is so sharp that you can barely tell it isn't a drawing.  But in the above photo the car is a printout sticker, the brown outline is an acrylic marker, and the black is from a Tombow rollerball pen.  You can see some show through from the drawing on the opposite side of the page.  This is done on Tomoe River paper in my handmade journal.

In this next scribble, the sticker is of a sketch I did of a sea turtle.  I stuck it on the page, then framed it and colored the rest of the page in acrylic marker and watercolor paints.

In the above photo you can see the size in relation to a pen.  Also, I took it at an angle so that the sticker reflected some light and you could see it better.

I know I could achieve the same effect by printing out these scribbles at a reduced size on regular printer paper, but part of the cool effect of printing on this paper is the shiny surface.   It adds an interesting twist to the collage.  Plus, it's a sticker!  That just makes it magic (and glue-free).

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