Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fifty Itty Bitty Paintings, Part Four

This is the fourth grouping of little ATC-sized watercolor paintings I did between Christmas and New Year's Eve 2015.

I did the project as a way to learn more about my brushes and my watercolor paints, how they all interact with water and with each other.

This group I did with my Daniel Smith paints, the few selected colors I carry with me all the time in a homemade travel palette.

If you've looked at my other posts on the first thirty little paintings in this series, you'll see my subjects are starting to change up.   More odd angles and perspectives.  And even one (the second to last in this series) based loosely on fruit (mangoes, that is).

I remember reading once, somewhere, that to really start to get to your unique creative ideas, you have to get past thirty or so initial ideas.  These first thirty or so tend to be derivative and repetitive.  Only if you continue to generate ideas do you reach down into the less available, more unique ideas--most of which never see the light of day.

I wasn't anticipating this when I started, but I think maybe it's proving true!

And, extra happy news:  the next semester of Sketchbook Skool starts tomorrow!   After I finish posting about this project, I'm sure I'll have lots to post from my new semester there, a class called "Expressing."  YAY!!

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