Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Playing with the Black Sheep

I live less than a mile from a lovely sheep farm.  Every single time I drive by, I look at the sheep (and back at the road, and back at the sheep, and back at the road...).  Something about them captivates me.  The green field, dotted with the funny rolly rectangles on skinny legs.  Black and white and brown.

It looks like this on a frosty morning.

Something, huh?

So lately I've been thinking I'd like to draw the field, the sheep.  I can bike down there and set up along the side of the road.

But first, I thought I'd practice with a lifelike toy sheep, and get a better sense of the anatomy.  I began with two scribbles one evening.  Just to explore and see what I could learn.

First, with the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and a super bright light to one side. 

I like the fat, less controllable (for me at this point, anyhow) lines for exploring shapes.  I don't try to get too fussy with the brush pen.  And I really like the loose look it gives.

Next, I tried for something with a little more finesse, and grabbed some new colored pencils.  These are Stabilo "All" pencils in red, yellow, blue, and brown.  I put them on dry, then added a little water to blend and move the pigment.

Not bad for my first time ever using these pencils--I had no idea what they would do when I added water.  Some subtle variations and mixes.  I look forward to practicing with them more.

More practice with the sheep!

I look forward to drawing them both wooly and shorn too!

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