Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Woods

For the last few days, I've tried making my scribbles with watercolor.  I want to learn more about how the paint works, how the brushes work, how to paint to create pictures.

I'm the sort of person who has to do it to figure it out.  And as Roz Stendahl taught us in her class last month, sometimes you just have to "break" a few pictures to figure out how things work.

So I've been painting the early spring trees and just laying on layers to see what would happen.

As you can tell, it's mostly gray here this time of year, except for the red of the blueberry fields, the pink of the sunrise, and the russet of the bark of some of the pine trees.

I have learned a lot from doing these, not the least of which is that I have much to learn.

And, as usual, I had a blast doing them, really staring at one tree at a time, or my languishing fire pit, or the wonderfully deep red field next door, that will soon be green when the bushes leaf out.

It's all about to change as spring comes.  I have been very conscious of capturing these post-winter, pre-bloom days in the woods.

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