Thursday, May 11, 2017

More Color Tests

Here are there results of a few more color tests.

This first one, actually, is a digitally matted and framed version of the green sheet I made and included in my last post.  I did it turned horizontally, with the paint running down the page.

I turned in by accident and realized how much it looked like a stormy Lake Michigan!

Next, I took a bunch of colors and started playing with them in combinations.  Because I was anticipating a trip to a place with a distinctly tropical environment, and because I wanted to limit my palette, and I wanted the most versatile combinations of red, blues, yellows, and pink that I could get.  

This next one also started out as a was test, but I turned it into a landscape, just for fun.  

More color combo tests...

On each of the last three pages I tested one color of green paint (listed near the top) in combination with a bunch of other colors I thought I might take.  I really only wanted to take one green.... so which was the most versatile?

Though this might look tedious, I actually found it quite pleasurable to just push paint around and watch what happened.   I learned a lot about my paints!

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