Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Conquering Advising: A Mini-Comic for My Advisees

Last spring, as the time approached for my advisees to come for their meetings with me prior to their registering for classes. I created this comic to help them prepare for our chats.

I did it because for years I have sent them emails with detailed instructions--and every year a good 25-50% of them show up unprepared.

And if they come unprepared, I send them away to get prepared and they have to make another appointment.  This can result in them not being able to register at the first possible moment, which can result in them not getting the best pick of courses.

It also results in weeping and gnashing of teeth on both our parts.

So I wondered if sending them the same instructions in a comic would yield better results?

Answer:  YES!!  100% of my advisees came prepared!  And some even pronounced, "This comic is cool, Dr. Trembley."


I look forward to using it again this coming school year--will it continue to work?

I completed the comic entirely on my iPad Pro in Procreate.  I printed it on one 8.5 x 11 sheet, folded twice, cut and stapled, to create one mini comic from each piece of paper.


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