Thursday, August 10, 2017

People and Angles

Still working on finishing up my china marker sketches in my Strathmore toned tan sketchbook...

at my weekly Open Studio group, I worked specifically on capturing some distinct angles.  I need to add more flexibility to my people when I draw them.  Getting some of the subtle angles of real people into my drawings will help a lot, I think.

In this one, I aimed to capture the slightly downward tilt of my friend as she drew.

In this next one, I wanted to depict my friend reaching over a counter to grab a clementine fruit.  He bent sideways, from a bit of a distance, his hand coming much closer to me than his body.  He moved fast, and I did ask him to do it again, twice, but not to post, while I tried to capture it.

In this one, my friend was reading something intently.  I loved how he listed slightly to the side--I certainly do that!  It's amazing to me how I tend to draw my characters sitting and standing and walking straight, which really, most of us never do!

There is always so much more to see and to draw.  The world is an amazing place.

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