Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Little Sketch I Found

Found this little single sheet drawing from a couple of months ago... 

I'd been doing some initial sketching of ideas for a graphic memoir.

This is my mental image of one gung-ho sheriff's deputy I once saw tearing through a local state park.  Ripping up the trails.  Spewing exhaust.  Making a lot of machine noise in woods that should be safe from that sort of thing.

But then again, in my mind, those woods should have been safe from all kinds of things that they simply were not safe from.   Which is (or will be) the point of the memoir.  

Anyhow, I rather like this little cartoon.

Quick to say:  I have friends who are police officers and officers of the Michigan DEQ and so on.  This is not meant to represent any of them.  Or even most such officers.  In fact, I only saw this person ripping up the trails once, and for all I know, he was in a rush to save a life.  But this is the impression it made on me then.  And it stuck with me.

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