Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More Work on a Memoir Comic

More work from a few months ago, thinking about a graphic memoir.

Really, this is just thinking on paper.  Just working out what I can and can't draw, how I want it to look.  Not final sketches.  Not even close to final sketches.  Just seeing what I can do, what I like on the page.

 I'm working from an essay I published a long time ago--trying to spot what is visual and can be drawn and thinking about what words need to stay.

I'm actually wondering if that is a bad idea--starting from an essay I wrote a long time ago.  I wonder if maybe I should start from scratch, rethink the event and what it means to me now.  I imagine new things will come up.

I really like the map and diagram pages.   I'm still thinking about diagrams and maps and other interesting ways to use verbal and visual for storytelling.

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