Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dogs, the Woods, Mid Century Modern, and Me

I had some fun combining my drawing interests of the last few weeks into a little sketch of me and the dogs who star in my graphic memoir, but in mid century modern style.

I've been scribbling a lot lately with depicting myself and my dogs in the woods, since we are there during so much of my graphic memoir.

And over Thanksgiving I spent some time playing with another on-going interest, my love of mid-century modern style cartoons.  Is there anything better than Gerald McBoing Boing?  NO!!

Anyhow, I spent some more time looking at mid century modern illustrations of people and dogs, and  of wooded areas and then, inspired by those,  did a little sketch on my iPad pro of myself and my dogs.  Highly stylized of course.

One piece of inspiration I found on the web:

My own take on it:

This would be an example of me learning by "stealing like an artist."  Copying, making it my own, learning and learning how to do it.

And I also practiced rough textures, half tones, and offsetting the layers of line, color, and shade to get what seems to be elements of that mid century modern look.

What I love most about this little sketch is the dogs.  I think they are terrific.  I might do more with my dogs and cats in this style.

And I wish I were that tall and skinny.  Whoo!  

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