Thursday, December 13, 2018

Playing with Procreate and Turkeys

Around the American Thanksgiving holiday I took a few days off of work on my graphic memoir to play with my favorite iPad drawing app, Procreate.

I am interested in mid-century modern illustration styles, so I thought I'd play with some of those design ideas and draw a few turkeys.

The elements I played with included:

  • rough texture,
  • duller colors,
  • large simple shapes,
  • line and color work offset (not perfectly matched),
  • some halftone shading, also offset,
  • exaggeration.

 Messy sketches, sure, and even really very pretty, but I learned a ton doing them!   I practiced manipulating layers and opacity.  I tried new brushes I'd purchased but never used.  I chose colors from a mid-century palette that are not colors I would ever normally work with.

It was a great few hours of playing and learning.

Maybe I'll do the same for Christmas!

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