Thursday, July 9, 2015

Scribbling Characters from Contours

Friends of mine and I played a scribbling game the other day (yes, I am lucky to have that kind of friend!).  We all sat down and drew blind contours of each other's heads, then turned them into comic-style characters with imagined bodies and backgrounds.

Here are a few examples:

Have I mentioned we live near an area with a lot of folks of Dutch descent?  The person who modeled for the blind contour is not Dutch!  Imagination played a big part in this game.

Next up:

The friend who modeled for this crazy scribbled lady is one of the sweetest people I know!  It was a riot to take the wonkiness of the blind contour portrait and turn it into a character so completely different.

Drawing games--super fun.  Enjoy some of the classics like Exquisite Corpse, but don't be afraid to make up your own.

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