Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shall We Make Our Own Adult Coloring Books?

I have seen a lot of articles lately about "adult coloring books."  These have been around for years under other names, but only finally have adults caught in that coloring can be so good for your mood, your creativity, your attention, and your brain.

I have a friend who adores the work of Lisa Congdon, whose books you can find here.

For more information, check out this article, "Three Reasons Why All the Adults You Know Have Started Coloring Again," on Upworthy.

And try to get your hands on Lynda Barry's wonderful new book called Syllabus. She writes about the importance of having her students color--a lot!--before they begin drawing and working with their own images. 

I know from my own scribblings that drawing first with black pen and then "coloring" with water colors is a great delight. Thinking about the new adult coloring book craze has me planning to do drawings on smooth paper, and then color with pencils or even crayons.

Probably I will scan the black and white originals then print out and color the copies. 

Why not make our own coloring books?  Has anyone done this?

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