Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Making a Scene

One of the goals I set for myself this spring is to draw not just objects, but scenes.

So one day, while sitting in an atrium waiting for my class to start, where I sit every day, I decided to draw the atrium and the students in it.

I gave myself no more than 15 minutes; I finished it in 10.

I sit in this room several times a week.  But before I drew this, if you had asked me about the plants, the color of the furniture, the paneling on the walls, even the enormous window, I couldn't have told you.  Usually when I'm there, I'm thinking about my upcoming class.

Now I could tell you about that room.

And, my class went well afterward.  I don't need to sit there and over-prepare!  Drawing might have prepared me better, anyhow!  I got centered, in the moment, relaxed, and observant. A better way to teach.

Better education through scribbling!

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