Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Out of Time? Draw While You Stand Around!

Not long ago I had one of those days when I thought, whoa.  No time to draw today.

I committed last February to drawing every day for at least thirty minutes.  I didn't want to blow it just because a bunch of unforeseen circumstances took control of my day.

As I headed down to my basement to feed my dogs, it hit me:  draw the dogs eating!  I have to stand around and watch them anyhow, so no one (namely the cats) bullies anyone out of their food.  That would be at least ten good drawing minutes.

I only got Nora inked before she finished eating.   Both of them ran upstairs for the post-dinner nap ritual, so I followed.   I sketched Nik as he fell asleep.

You can see from the unfinished sketch at the bottom that I tried to sketch Tim as he considered a nap with the dogs, but he left before I got much done.

Then I got dinner underway and instead of watching the news, I painted my sketches.  Good practice learning the watercolors.

Some days, you just can't sneak a good scribbling session into the day.  But you can sneak some scribbling into the cracks and it can add up to good time and good practice.

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