Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hot Dog Cart at the Farmer's Market

A few weeks ago, I headed to the local Farmers Market to scribble a food cart and the people around it.

I took with me my handmade sketchbook of hot press Caonson watercolor paper, a travel palette of Schminke watercolors, a waterbrush, waterproof pen, two Neocolor II watercolor crayons, and a wrist band for wiping off the brush.

 At the market, I snagged a seat near the best hot dog stand I have ever experienced (man, the toppings!!!).

I captured the general outlines of the people as fast as I could, figuring I could fill in the cart more slowly, since it didn't move and the people did!

By the time I painted, by original human subjects were long gone, and I couldn't remember what colors they had worn.  So I picked what I wanted. 

Great fun!  Great hot dog.  This time, I had mine with chili.  But next time, I'm thinking sauerkraut and celery salt...

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