Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sketching at the Ottawa County Fair Part Two

After a wonderful three hours sketching at the Ottawa County Fair on Thursday afternoon, July 28 (see those sketches here), I returned for another three hours on Friday morning.

The sky looked ominous.

But no rain came.

I met with my sketching friend, Julie, and we went straight to the goat show in the pavilion.  There, I not only drew a lot of goats, but I got to learn about showing goats from a proud grandmother of some competitors.  Notes about what I learned from her add to the fun of the sketches, I think.

From there we went from bunnies to birds to cows and eventually, when I realized I only had two journal cards left, I went back to the rescue donkeys, Bowie and Red.  They had been my first sketches when I arrived the day before, and I wanted them to be my last sketches of the event.

All in all, it was a terrific experience!  I learned that I have the stamina to sketch for over three hours straight.  I loved working with the journal cards.  It was definitely worth it to carry water, even though it is heavy.  The tiny amounts of paint in the Richeson child's palette (filled with my own selection of 8 Daniel Smith paints) lasted through about seven hours of sketching, no problem, with plenty left.  So it is the perfect lightweight palette for an event like this.

Below are the 15 cards I did on day two, in order.

If you ever have a chance to sketch out at a local county fair, I really recommend it!

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