Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Gift to Us All: Brené Brown's TEDx Houston Talk

I believe that Brené Brown is one of today's greatest writers and thinkers and speakers on creativity, the spirit, art, and living a quality meaning-filled life.

I have read her books.  Watched her videos.  Taken two online classes with her.

Her explosion into the cultural consciousness started with this talk for TEDx Houston, delivered in June 2010.   I rewatch it every so often because really, it is incredible.

Vulnerability as a strength.  As a path to courage.  As the key to authenticity.

So many of us need to remember these things as we draw and write and scribble our explorations into our own lives and that which is meaningful to us.

I hope you enjoy it.  You can learn more about her work here.

Merry Christmas!

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