Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas to Me: Jinhao X450

I bought myself a little Christmas present the other day:  a Jinhao X450 fountain pen from China.  Can't wait to try this new pen out and, I hope, add it to my art supplies.  I think it will be a fun tool for sketching--and it only cost $4.50 on ebay!

So my interest in this pen started--as so many of life's adventures do--when a friend sent me an email with the subject line "Interesting!!!!" and a link to a video review of the Jinhao x450 fountain pen.

It was those three exclamation points that got me.  Three!  How could I ignore that?

Here's the video she linked me to:

After watching this and wondering how I could have missed out on such an inexpensive pen that seemed so wonderful, I googled it.  First stop: The Goulet Pen Company site, where they sell the pens.  I read the reviews, watched the videos, and learned that people love these pens but tend to swap out the nibs for better ones which Goulet makes and sells for $15.  People raved about this great pen for under $20.

More hits on Google brought up the same theme.

I had to try this pen.  I mean, my friend told me it was "interesting!!!" with three exclamation points.  And I need very little encouragement to purchase a new art supply.  So I ordered one.

Well, okay, the truth is, I ordered four, in four different colors, as a package from an ebay seller in China.  I paid $4.50 each with no shipping, so got for for $17.95.  And I ordered two fine nibs from Goulet.  I don't expect that the pens will arrive in time for Christmas, but when they do arrive, I intend to give at least one away as a gift.

You might think I'd give one to the friend who turned me on to them in the first place.  She of the "interesting!!!" email.   I might have; however, when I contacted her to curse her for tempting me into buying yet another pen...and did she want one too (because, of course, buying art supplies is always more fun if you share it with a friend), she told me she had several of them already.

We plan to get together to swap out the nibs over coffee as soon as mine arrive.  That is the kind of geeks we are.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!!!!

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