Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DIY Bookmaking: Scraps Become Gifts

I'm not sure everyone appreciates a handmade gift.  But sketchers, writers, keepers of sketchbooks and art journals and most kids love a handmade blank book.  Even simple designs bring delight to these creative folks.  Maybe it's because by giving a blank book as a gift you cast your vote of confidence that your loved one can and will fill it with something meaningful.  

I made these three matching accordion books today as gifts for the three daughters of some friends. Used 11 x 17 mixed media paper, cut in half horizontally, and glued together to make a nice long accordion. Then I used mat board scraps I buy very inexpensively at a local frame shop for cover board. Covered that with fun handmade paper scraps. These three cute little gifts were together in only a few minutes. 

That got me looking at other nice paper scraps I could use to make cute gift books. This tiny, two inch square accordion contains the trim of some Arches watercolor sheets I used to make a big sketchbook earlier in the year. 

I have a friend who loves to paint "tiny" and I think she'll enjoy this for Christmas. 

Then I snagged some wider but shorter scraps from other bookmaking projects and trimmed them to make a 3 x 4 inch book which I sewed with Coptic binding. 

Not sure to whom I will give this little book yet. 

It was a fun set of projects and I put a lot of my saved scraps to good use!  Cut down on some art room clutter and gained few Christmas presents too. A good day!


Meera Rao said...

These are very cool! I am tired of moleskine ones --should try to make one like this with watercolor paper! any tips for glue-ing them together?

Beth said...

Hi, Meera,
I have made some of these with watercolor paper. I use PVA glue for all my bookmaking stuff. I don't have a very good art store nearby, so I order it online. I use the brand Books By Hand. Good luck! Homemade journals are fun; you get exactly the paper and size you want!

Meera Rao said...

Thank you! I will google it ;) I appreciate your tips!

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