Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sketching Volume in Round Things

Having practiced sketching volume with books, which really are fairly simple rectangles after all, I thought I'd try the same lessons and approach with round things.  Or, at least cylindrical things.

Here's the pencil and ink.

The practice introduced by Liz Steel is to draw in a watersoluble pencil the volume of each object as if we could see through them to the back side.  That way we can try again and again until we get lines and angles and intersections correct.

You can see from the mess of pencil that the ellipses at the top and bottom of the pencil sharpener gave me a tough time!

I enjoyed painting this sketch because all three objects were shades of black and gray.  I used only Payne's gray, with just a touch of Moonglow (a Daniel Smith color) in the shadows.

You probably noticed the heavy waxed cord stitching up the center of my spread--I am working in the very first casebound book I ever made!  Since this first one, I use a lighter weight cord for most of my sketchbooks so the stitching isn't so intrusive.  Still, I like the handmade feel of the whole thing.

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