Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Creating a Scene in a Waiting Room

A few weeks ago I accompanied someone having outpatient surgery.

So I had a few hours to kill in the waiting room.

Normally, I fill a page (or more) with a collage of faces and bodies sitting in chairs.

But this time, mindful that one of my goals is to sketch scenes--people (or animals or objects) in a larger context--I tried to do just that.

Here is the sketch in progress with a peek at the real view.

You can see that I focused and simplified quite a bit.

Here's a better look at the final sketch.

Not sure if I should add color or not!

I used my Pentel Pocket Brush pen (a true favorite) and I was working on Bee SuperDeluxe paper.   I like it for many things, but it does not hold up well if you put watercolor down and then want to lift it.  So I'm reluctant to paint on any more sketches which I put on this paper.

The time flew and I got good practice in.  I'm quite please with the couple on the left.

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