Thursday, May 19, 2016

More People Scribbles from the Public Library

Every so often I feel like I really need to practice capturing people quickly.

So I head out into public with the idea that I will try to scribble some marks based on people I observe, spending no more than two minutes on each person.  Less would even be better.

I am not trying to produce likenesses.  I'm trying to produce variety and essence of people and posture.

I have found that the public library is a great place to do this, because all kinds of people go there!  All ages, sizes, styles of clothing.  I haven't found a better place to get the variety of people.

I'll share my discovery from this day of public sketching:  sitting within sight of the copy machines really pays off!  People come and stand by the copy machines for several minutes at a time.  And often, they get frustrated.  So as an artist you get a wonderful display of different body  language and emotions!

On this day I spent about 90 minutes sketching these four page spread, and another half hour or so adding some color here and there.

Terrific practice in observing and attempting to get down on paper what I observed!

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Diane said...

Coincidentally that is also what I am trying to do now. People but not likenesses. Also very quickly because of course they move but also because I do not want to spend a lot of time on any one sketch. I sit along the bike path to catch walkers runners and bikers. Tonight we are going dancing and I will try my usual attempts to capture some of the dancers. Need to go to the library and pick up some things on hold so maybe tomorrow I'll try your plan of sitting within sight of the copier. Thanks for putting your thoughts and sketches into a blog. I am enjoying it.

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