Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sketching at Tulip Time

During May 4-14, I committed myself to going into nearby Holland, Michigan at least five times during "Tulip Time."  Braving the traffic alone required mustering up my courage, but I really wanted to visit a crowded, multi-day event, and do some sketching of live subjects in public.

I had fun alternating between people and flowers and trees and buildings.

And I had fun switching up art tools!  I found myself gravitating toward my Pelikan M200 fountain pen and a set of Schminke pan watercolors most of the time.

I discovered I really liked returning several times in the course of ten days to the same places.

Some things stayed the same--the tulips, which, you'll notice, I didn't draw that much (and I thought I would).  Also, the police officers on Segways.  I watched those for a while before I attempted to sketch one!  That was fun.

Some things changed every day--notably the weather.  One day I sketched in windy pouring rain (thus, the drips on my sketch).  One day I sat on an outdoor patio in the warm sun and sketched.

And I liked being "a tourist" in my own town (or at least, a nearby town).  Going in with eyes open to the new and unusual helped me see things (like that clock tower) that I pass by every day, several times a day, but never thought to draw.

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