Thursday, May 26, 2016

Scribbling with Watercolors

I really want to learn more about watercolors and how they work. 

And while that means I read and look for classes, it also means I simply have to play around with them! 

Scribbling with paint!  Asking, "What happens if I do this?"  "Or this?"

"Breaking" a few sketches, as Roz Stendahl advises.  Sometimes you just gotta do it to figure out how far you can push something.

So for a while I just messed around, doing my daily sketches and adding wonky colors to see what would happen.  

And sometimes I put the colors down first and then scribbled on top of them--sometimes completely unrelated things!

What the heck, right?  I'm learning!

Scribbling doesn't mean without purpose.  Or without standards.  Or without mindfulness or value.  

Scribbling means loose and playful and exploratory and creative.

Scribbling with paint is all those things!

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