Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Live Sketches to Comics Zine Part One

Now that I've completed the 112-day "one painting per page" project using "The Daily Office" portion of The Book of Common Prayer, I'm returning to sharing my sketches and my comics!

In January, I proudly joined millions of my fellow citizens in a march for human rights.  In my hometown, the organizers dubbed the event "The Rally for Commonality."

We marched in a circle around the park which is central to our community for an hour, then gathered in a local hall for informational presentations on a variety of resources in our community.

I took along a sketchbook and pen and sketched while I marched!  I've done so much live sketching over the last few years (thanks especially to Roz Stendahl's fantastic online course and to the wonderful inspiration of Veronica Lawlor), that sketching while walking isn't that hard!  After all, I'm just hoping to capture the moment and practice my drawing.

I did a bunch of pages in about two hours.

After I got home, I wondered if I might scan these, redraw them digitally (essentially using my iPad as a electronic lightboard) and put them together in a little 'zine to mark the occasion. 

Check out my next post to see the results!

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