Thursday, March 29, 2018

Live Sketches to Comics Zine Part Two

On January 20, 2018, I attended a local march for human rights in my community.  While marching, I sketched the events.  You can see those sketches in the previous post, here.

Then I decided to digitize the sketches and create and zine commemorating the event!

My process was this:

  1. I scanned the sketches to create jpgs of each page.
  2. I used my photo editing software to create a separat jpg of each image.   them, when I created the zine, I wanted to be able to organize them to best fit the comics format I intended for the zine.
  3. That was important because while some of my sketch pages had multiple messy images on
  4. I imported the images into Procreate on my iPad pro.  From there, I formed a new layer and redrew them.
  5. I deleted the original sketch images.
  6. I used Procreate to add some tone.
  7. Then I exported each page as a jpg, created a PDF of all the pages, and printed the zine!
Here are the results!

I really enjoyed putting this 12-page zine together.  I had the fun of sending copies to the organizers and to the participating organizations.

I am hoping to do more such commemorative comics for other social justice events in the future.

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Unknown said...

Hi Beth, I was speaking with Heidi Kraus yesterday and she mentioned your work - it is beautiful! I am the ED of CultureWorks, a non-profit after school art program for Middle and High School teens. I will send you an email - would love to meet you at some point but just wanted to say you have a beautiful blog. Thanks! Emily Christensen

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