Thursday, December 8, 2016

A is for Apple

A few months ago, I decided maybe I'd try doing an alphabet of sketches.

This interested me in particular because I have been (slowly but surely) learning about page design through Roz Stendahl's By Design online course.  Alphabet pages seemed like a good way to practice some principles.

I got a few pages done.  Then I lost interest.  Then I did a few more.  Then I lost interest.

So, I think I'll post a few here for the next few weeks and just promise myself that this project will be continued sometime in 2017.

In particular, I am using a handmade sketchbook, about nine inches square.  So my scanner doesn't capture the whole page as well as it might.

What I like most about this is the shadowing in the watercolor on the shape.  I regret that I inked a shadow in before I decided to apply watercolor, but oh well. 

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