Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Series of Santa Scribbles

One of my favorite things about the holiday season (any holiday season, really) is the opportunity to sketch decorations.  Preferably someone else's!

I have a friend, Jack, who fills great portions of his house with Santas.  And all of them are cool.

So one day, not long ago, I spent a pleasant part of a morning doing a series of scribbles of one of his Santas--a little round fat guy made of felt and other fabrics.

I also pulled out my dip pen and practiced with a Blue Pumpkin nib.  I love that nib and all it can do, but I sort of forget that the ink (Noodler's Bulletproof) needs a lot longer to dry than when it comes out of a fountain pen.

Thus, some smears....

The third scribble is just pen and ink, and done with my Pelikan M200 fountain pen.

I had fun spending a lot of time exploring and appreciating just one ornament for a good hour.  That's something I never do.  How about you?

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