Thursday, December 1, 2016

Meal Time Rituals for the Household

I have two cats and two dogs and frankly, they'd all steal each other's food if they had have a chance.

So it's a complex ritual--a dance--to feed everyone all at once and make sure they eat what and how much they are supposed to.

This ritual involves me sitting around and watching them all.  Every morning and every evening.

Only this morning did it occur to me to sketch it.

Still thinking about what I'm learning in my Design class, I scribbled these contours and quick thoughts.

It's actually a pretty funny scene.

And I'm pleased with the sketches, because I caught the differences in postures between the two dogs--which isn't always easy when they are the same color and the same breed.

I'll be glad to have this record.

What else goes on in life every single day that I can record like this?

Given how crazy the world can be, maybe this is where the treasure lies?

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