Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A One Page Comic Starring a Tricycle

To conclude my recent work with a tricycle, I decided to tackle a variety of crops and angles and piece together a one-page comic.

This grew from my earlier black and white renderings, and the painting I did that had me thinking about Christmas.

Also, I've been thinking a lot about comics lately, and wanting to practice more and get better at it.  So I decided to combine them all.

I drew this out on 18 x 24 Strathmore 400 watercolor paper in pencil first.  Then I inked it.  Then I erased the pencil.

I used Yatsumoto Chinese ink, diluted and layered to get a variety of tones.   I used a brush for all the lines, no dip or fountain pens.

I am super pleased with it.   Particularly the trike breaking the frame in the middle.

This took me several hours, especially the inking!  But it was really worth the effort.

Sometimes, scribbles take longer than a few minutes.  I like breaking up the rhythm.  While I worked on this over the course of a few days, I did one-minute sketches of cats and people to keep myself agile.

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