Tuesday, January 24, 2017

More Glass

I wanted to work a bit more with glass, and with mostly black and white.

First, I did an ink drawing, 18 x 24, of an antique milk bottle from my great-grandfather's dairy.

The red ink for the label was perhaps the greatest challenge for me!  I found it hard to both repeat the font on the bottle, but to do it in such a way that it showed the bottle's roundness.  I'm not sure I pulled it off.  But it's a start.

Next, I worked on a piece that showed one bottle, a vintage bottle from Mennen, from several different angles.  I had a great time thinking about how to construct and crop this.

This is also 18 x 24, in charcoal.  I love working with charcoal, but it is so messy!  I really only use it when I'm in class, in the studio.  I need to think more about how I can use it at home and not have dog and cat charcoal tracks all through the house.

What glass shampoo or aftershave or milk or medicine bottles do you have around the house?  Just the daily stuff we never look at... what can you do to draw it and make something lovely?

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